This page will have more in depth steps later to install all software, this page is low priority unless I get requests other wise, if any questions feel free to email me using the contact page. 


My focus for this Site is to create most content that can be recreated by anyone using tools that are available for free.  The focus to start with will be SSIS then SSRS and eventually if I run out of topics for those two move on to other tools that can be used.  



The first thing that is going to be needed somewhere to put a database and SSMS to access the database.

A quick search for SSMS will return downloads from Microsoft for free. When installing ensure both  database server and SSMS get installed

I use the AdventureWorks database for my test environment as it is a free download  from Microsoft as well.




SSIS, SSRS and SSAS are all part of the same program, SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), A search for SSDT will return a download from Microsoft to get the necessary tools.